Criminal Harassment

Charged With Criminal Harassment?

Criminal Harassment

Defence Lawyer Criminal HarassmentKaley Hepburn is an experienced lawyer in defending charges of criminal harassment in in Hamilton, Burlington, Brantford, Ancaster, Stoney Creek and throughout Ontario.

In Canada, criminal harassment refers to acts of stalking, which include unwanted attention, watching, following, contacting, or threatening a victim. The Criminal Harassment section of the Criminal Code was created to protect victims, primarily women, from these acts. If found guilty, the punishment can range up to ten years in jail. If you are charged with criminal harassment, it is crucial to understand your rights and defense options.

When Can I Be Charged With Criminal Harassment?

Criminal harassment does not require a specific outcome, like physical injury or theft, to be considered a crime. Rather, the focus is on whether the behavior has been repeatedly carried out and caused reasonable fear in the victim. Physical contact is not necessary for a charge. To prove criminal harassment, the evidence must demonstrate the following beyond a reasonable doubt:

1. The accused performed acts that constitute criminal harassment.
2. The accused was aware of how the complainant might perceive their behavior.
3. The complainant genuinely feared for their safety or the safety of someone else.
4. The fear experienced by the complainant was reasonable and based on the repeated behavior of the accused.

If the defense raises any reasonable doubt regarding these statements, an acquittal must be put in order.  

How Can I Defend Against Stalking Charges?

Defending against criminal harassment charges can be complex, as the interpretation of the Criminal Code may vary based on the context of the situation and the jurisdiction where the accused is being prosecuted. Even a first offense can lead to a conviction in cases with a history of abuse or violence. However, it is essential not to give up and enter a guilty plea without thoroughly exploring your options.

How Can I Defend Against Stalking Charges?Kaley Hepburn is an experienced trial lawyer who specializes in defending criminal harassment cases that would otherwise result in convictions. She can provide expert counsel and tailored defense strategies for your particular case. It is important to remember that the consequences of a criminal harassment conviction can be serious and have long-lasting effects on your future.

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